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7621 Pécs, Király u. 12.
06 (72) 214 090   06 (70) 507 5566  
hétfő–péntek 10.00–17.00

Június 16-ig



telc vizsgahely

Language courses for foreign students

Make a group of 6 and study for free!

If you want to learn a language, bring along your friends and roommates. Organize a group of 6 and you can study free of charge. Tuition fees

What languages can you study at our school?

Bonus Pécs is a really international school, with hundreds of foreign students in the past 10 years, from all faculties of the university. We employ professional language teachers with a good command of English, as we teach languages through the medium of English to foreign students.
We offer courses of English, German, Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, but you can also improve your Business or Medical English.

What exam can you take at Bonus Pécs?

Our school is the official TELC exam centre in Pécs. TELC is a Frankfurt-based (Germany) language exam, widely recognised in Europe, with over 2.000 exam centres in 25 countries and with 50 years of experience. You can take TELC in English and German languages, on 3 different levels, 8 times a year.
Besides our own exam, we have prepared students for TestDAF, TOEFL, IELTS or ICCL in recent years. If you need a different exam, please inquire in email, or just come and visit us.

What courses can you attend at our school?

Our language school offers learning in normal groups, mini groups and private courses. In our normal groups we have mostly Hungarian students who need grammar explanations in Hungarian on lower levels. Regarding this fact, our foreign students usually choose private language courses, mini groups (2–5 students), or organize their own normal groups with our bilingual teachers, who use English to explain grammar and vocabulary. We offer these courses on different levels with flexible time schedule and curriculum. On higher levels (B1, B2, C1) international students are also welcome to join Hungarian students, as speaking Hungarian is not necessary.

In classroom or online?

In recent years it has been a frequently asked question. Primarily we are planning to teach in the classroom, taking all the possible precautions. However, if you prefer studying online, we have lots of experience, too. Or you can start in class and later continue online.

How can you apply for the courses?

Application takes place in person in our central office at 12 Király Street, Pécs. (Map, contacts and office hours here.) When you visit us, we are going to discuss your goals and demands, the course books and exam tests and all the details. Then you fill in a timetable based on your schedule to make us possible to organize your course as soon as possible. After registration you can start your course in a few days.

What are the prices? How can you pay?

Each student is kindly required to pay 10.000 HUF deposit at registration, (in cash). The deposit is included in your course fee, it is not an extra cost. We count your tuition fee based on the table below and the number of lessons you would like to take. The rest of the tuition fee must be paid on your first lesson in one amount.

If you have any questions in connection with our courses or TELC exams, please donʹt hesitate to ask: send us an email or give us a call: +36 (70) 507 5566.

Tuition fees with a bilingual teacher

A táblázat mozgatható!


private course

2 students

3 students

4 students

Lesson fee:.

4.900 HUF

3.000 HUF

2.200 HUF

2.000 HUF

Number of lessons:





Tuition fee:

98.000 HUF

90.000 HUF
per student

66.000 HUF
per student

60.000 HUF
per student

Above level B2 or with a requested native teacher there is +10% extra charge.
A course can inlude 20, 30, 50, 100 lessons, or as you require. For German, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian and Russian we provide a bilingual (English-speaking) teacher. One lesson is 45 minute long, we give double lessons or more intensive on your request.

If you have a special demand, please ask for our special offer: send us an email or call: +36 (70) 507 5566.

Discounts for private courses:

  • 30 lessons: - 5.000 HUF
  • 50 lessons: - 8.000 HUF
  • 100 lessons: - 20.000 HUF

Normal group fees with a bilingual teacher

A táblázat mozgatható!

5 students

6–12 students

Lesson fee:

1.600 HUF

1.300 HUF

Number of lessons:





Tuition fee:

80.000 HUF
per student

160.000 HUF
per student

65.000 HUF
per student

130.000 HUF
per student

Good to know

  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • Minimum number of lessons: private 20, from 2 students 30
  • Minimum number of lessons weekly: 2x2 (90 minutes twice a week)

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A Bonus Nyelviskola Pécs online szintfelmérőjén pár perc alatt felmérheted nyelvtudásod angol, német, spanyol, olasz és francia nyelvekből. Klikkelj és teszteld magad!



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